Overseas Police Help Desk

Overseas Pakistanis are major contributors to the foreign exchange reserve of Pakistan. Foreign remittances from overseas Pakistanis are estimated as us$ 16 billion annually. This precious foreign exchange has been a source of economic stability in Pakistan. Pakistani diaspora abroad is generally known as hardworking, committed and law abiding migrants. According to recent study 11.1%, 10.09% and 10.07% of the total population of Jhelum, Sialkot and Gujrat districts respectively comprise of migrants.
Every Pakistani migrant has invariably has his kith and kin and stakes in Pakistan. Therefor their bond with their homeland is unshakable and unbreakable. Since they are those Pakistanis who have left their homeland for earning bread and prosperity for themselves and their families back home, therefore they need to be given extra care and due preference in service delivery.
A number of complaints are received from overseas Pakistanis pertaining to various police related issues ranging from domestic disputes to abduction for ransom etc. generally it is observed that such complaints from overseas Pakistanis are not being responded promptly and satisfactorily by the local police. It results in mistrust in the police and frustration for the valuable Pakistanis abroad. Keeping in view the existing situation and to provide prompt efficient and preferential policing services to Pakistanis expatriates, it has been decided that separate ‘’police help desk’’ should be established in DPO office of Gujrat. This police help desk will be dedicated to give prompt police help and services to overseas Pakistanis belonging to this district.
Operational procedure

  • Each and every telephone call, e-mail, fax, and complaints received by post are logged in the prescribed complaint register and immediately placed before DPO for appropriate orders.
  • All requests, complaints received in the help desk from overseas Pakistanis or their relatives in Pakistan are responded within shortest possible time in the mode preferred by the complainant to give the complainant feedback of their complaints

We established on ‘’14th December 2011’’ a separate help desk for the overseas Pakistanis in the premises of DPO office. Now our overseas police help desk is fully functional round the clock. The issues of overseas Pakistanis regarding police department are being solved on priority basis.

If you have any Complaint regarding police you can contact us on following numbers:

Phone No.053-3602215