Service Units

Elite Police

Elite police is the highly trained special force that assists district police in situations that need expertise with high-risk searches, raids and rescue operations. The officers in the Elite police are trained to a high degree of skill in use of firearms, personal combat, and reconnaissance missions. They are trained at a modern facility, the Elite Training School on Baidian Road Lahore. The Additional Inspector-General of Police, Elite Police heads the force.

The Elite Force was created on the order of the then Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif in 1997–1998.  In 2004, more funds were allocated for its expansion, and 5000 new personnel were inducted. New checkpoints for curbing street crime were created across Punjab and manned by the Elite Force. 

The Elite Police Force is headed by the Additional Inspector-General of Police, Elite Police Force, Punjab, Lahore. During operations, they are headed by an officer trained in a "Basic Elite" course. The Elite Force is used in a range of special operations including "high-risk searches, raids and rescue operations". Members of the Elite Force are trained for six months at the Elite Police Training School (EPTS) at Badian, Lahore, by Pakistan's Special Service Group in personal combat, martial arts, crowd control, close quarters battle (CQB), and reconnaissance. They are trained in the use of a range of weapons, including the AK-47, Glock Pistol, MP-5, and grenades. They can use different kind of weapons like Pakistan-made G3, machine-guns etc. Their arsenal also included flak jackets. They are trained in martial arts and they have to face very bloody boxing fights during training period. They are often seen in black and green track suits.

Police Qaumi Razakar

The Police Qaumi Razakars help the police in all Police Stations and Headquarter.